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Cards Christians Like

Your Other Cards Storage Box

Your Other Cards Storage Box

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Ok ok ok, we get it. You don’t want to keep your extra CCL and expansion pack cards in a ziplock bag anymore.

The Your Other Cards Storage Box holds 300 extra cards. Throw all your old (and new) expansion pack cards in this box and store them next to your main game. Your game closet organization just got so good that you don’t have to waste any more money on overpriced Amazon storage containers. Yw. Snag any of our expansions to fill the box and make your gameplay even spicier👇

  • Worship Expansion
  • Pop Culture Expansion
  • Gen Z Expansion
  • Cards Christians Hide Expansion
  • Dating Expansion
  • Trash Theology Expansion
  • Jesus Loves You Expansion

*This box is empty. Buy cards to put inside.

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