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Cards Christians Like

Cards Christians Like

Cards Christians Like

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Cards Christians Like is a party game but with convictions. Each round, one player will read a prompt (blue card) for other players to fill in with their funniest response (white card). Our cards are unique observations about church and culture that play in hundreds of hilarious combinations.

Physical Product includes:

  • 100 blue cards
  • 500 white cards
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 27 reviews
      Adam Guard

      My siblings and I love this game! It came in handy when the power went out during a vacation stay. It's awesome for the road too!

      Victor Tang
      Fun game for all Christians

      The game is funny as it is relatable if you are a Christian and you experience the church.
      Although this is an american game, it has some american references. e.g. Chik-A-Fil and American politician names which maybe hard to understand but there are so many cards that it doesn't matter.

      A great game to play amongst your church and fellowship. :D

      Pam Treu

      Love it!

      Sarabeth Moffett
      Best game ever!!!!

      It’s like a funnier version of Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity. Pokes fun at bad theology. Examples of
      questions/answer choices include: “What’s a pastor’s favorite guilty pleasure?” Options like “Veggie Tales.” “Gum under the church pew.” “Premarital eye contact.” “The Prosperity Gospel.” are provided for answers. Hilarious!!!


      We just played this last night with a big group. I haven’t laughed this hard with a game in a long time, and many people ordered their own set of cards after the party. Highly recommend!!