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Cards Christians Like

Little Cards Christians Like

Little Cards Christians Like

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Little Cards Christians Like is a party in your pocket. At a third of the size of the original game, now you can play CCL inconspicuously in the back row during church or comfortably in a crowded van on the drive to church camp!

Product includes:

  • 100 little blue cards
  • 500 little white cards
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Shelby Mitchell
Such a fun party game

My friends and I have loved playing this game together at big gatherings! The size of the cards makes it very portable

Jarrod Harris
Great family game!

We enjoy this as a family and have loved creating intentional and random times to connect with our kids.

A little too little

I purposely purchased the smaller travel set. The card size was fine, but there is room, I believe, for the font to be larger. Fun game, but skewed a bit too much toward contemporary and/or mega churches. Perhaps future editions will include mainliner humor. Believe it or not we have silliness in our midst as well!

Joseph Grysban
Hilarious game

The cards are tiny-just be aware of that before buying this set. Makes it a great travel game. It provided tons of fun and laughs, and that’s in a group where not all were Christians.


HILARIOUS! Just as good as the original except now 3 times smaller.