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Cards Christians Like

Expansion Box Vol. 1

Expansion Box Vol. 1

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The Expansion Box Vol. 1 is the first 300 card addition to Cards Christians Like. At half the size of the original game, these new cards will have your friends rollin’, your parents cryin’, and your grandma clutchin’ her pearls – not to mention add hours of fresh gameplay. So buckle up, this is about to get good.  

Cards Christians Like base game required for gameplay.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Age Rating is a little misleading.

I found the age rating for the Cards Christians Like a little misleading. Nothing terrible is in the card packs, obviously considering the subject matter. However, not all of the cards are appropriate for kids at age 8. For example, one of the card answers was, "The Talk." We all know what "the talk" is, and when one of the eight-year-olds in my youth group drew that card, well, let's just say he found out what the talk was when he went home from church that night and told his parents about that card! Furthermore, we all know that cannabis is a controversial topic, period. Probably not a great idea to have "CBD gummies" as an answer in the card game branded for ages eight and up, sparking some issues with parents now having to explain what CBD is to their kids that were present. So, all in all, the game is funny, has some great potential for card combinations and humor. However, ages eight and up is definitely not the case for all of the cards.

Zayne Martin
Great all around

Great product, great shipping, great gift

Erin Kope
Hilarious fun!

My kids and friends love this game! So many funny memories made.

Kendall Olson

Fun game, love it

Candace Long
So many fun cards!!!

I have really enjoyed adding these cards in.