Collection: Holy Guacamole Expansions

Holy Guacamole is simple: get your friends to guess the name on a card. Each team will have one minute to get through as many cards as possible before time runs out.

The catch? Each round, the rules change.

Round one, you describe what's on the card. Round two, describe the card again using only one word. Round three, you have to act out the card with no words allowed. And don't worry, the same cards are used each round, so by the end of the game, you've made up a bunch of hilarious jokes together.

Contains 360 cards and our super secret Holy Guacamole recipe.

The Mild Expansion Pack 
is for the unchurched and spiritual infants (or anyone who fell asleep during VBS). These 30 new cards added to the base game of Holy Guacamole are ones you’ve definitely heard of. These mild references are easily recognizable cards from the most popular areas of the Bible and church culture. Remember Paul talking about being stuck on milk? This is the milk.

The Medium Expansion Pack 
adds 30 new cards to the base game of Holy Guacamole — some cards that most people would recognize. These medium references are the lukewarm equivalent of mild and spicy, but without being spit out of God’s mouth. This is the perfect expansion pack for people who have almost read through the entire Bible (Sorry, Zephaniah).

Welcome to the elect.
These 30 new cards added to the base game of Holy Guacamole are our most spicy references to the Bible and church culture. Purchasing this expansion automatically grants you an honorary doctorate in theology and will increase your sword drill capabilities by upwards of 50%. Put this expansion pack on your bookshelf next to Tozer.