An update from our CEO


I'll get right to it – I made a mistake.

Last year, we launched Cards Christians Like's 300-card expansion box alongside our storage box and other new expansion packs. And honestly, these are the best cards we've ever written.

Recently, we learned that our third-party logistics company would start charging us for inventory that wasn't sold in the past year. Initially, we ordered thousands more copies of the expansions than we thought we would need to stock our warehouses for the next few years. Now we're learning that whatever we don't sell, we will have to dispose of.

We're faced with two choices:

1. Dispose of our excess inventory.

2. Massively discount them to you — our friends and fans.

We would rather go with option two.

As of today, all CCL expansions are marked down to the lowest price. So here's our ask. If you're a fan of our original game, would you consider purchasing an expansion or two?

Shop expansions here.

For clarity, our expansions will be marked down for two weeks, and then we will start disposing of excess inventory. 

We appreciate you and your support as we continue to learn and grow.


Daniel Maddry

Cards Christians Like

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